Christmas Quiz 2017 Answers

The answers for the Bank Underground Christmas Quiz are:

1. a) Mervyn King in 2005. See here for more

2. c) Czech Republic: His statue features on the 20 crown coin

3. b) The Federal Reserve. Whose founding act was passed on 23rd December 1913

4. d) A staggering 16%. Read the original “Journal of Monetary Economics” paper here.

5. a) Germany. According to the latest Eurostat data from 2014

6. c) 15%. See the Journal of Economic Perspectives article for the full story.

7. a) 1772. Even back then they were valid in 90 European Cities.

8. a) The Central Bank of Samoa which is a whole 14 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.  As will those at the National Reserve Bank of Tonga which is in the same time zone but slightly farther West. Manuia le Kerisimasi male Tausaga Fou to our colleagues in Apia!

9. a) Seven Swans-a-swimming. Will set you back an eye watering $13,125 , according to the PNC Christmas Price Index.

10. d) The Norwegian Krone. On the back of their 1994 version of the 200 krone note.