Commenting on Bank Underground posts

Since we launched the blog, we’ve valued the fact that readers have responded to posts either by blogging in response, tweeting about them, or emailing us.  I’m pleased to say we are now taking this engagement a step further by allowing you, our readers, to post comments on the blog itself.

Starting from today, readers will be able to post comments for up to a fortnight after a post has been published.  To submit a comment you’ll need to supply your name and email address.  Comments will be moderated prior to publication, and we’ll post them up in batches, so there may be a short wait before comments appear.

We’ve got no objection to comments which disagree with or question the analysis in the original post, so long as they actually engage with and relate to the post itself. That means we won’t publish anything which is offensive, or which spams our readers with spurious links.  And comments which are commercial, incoherent, off-topic or beyond the scope of the post won’t make it either.

Thanks for reading, and we look forward to your comments on our posts!

John Lewis, Managing editor