Launch of the new Bank of England Agenda for Research

Today the Bank launched the new ‘Bank of England Agenda for Research’ setting out the key areas for new research over the coming years and a set of priority topics for 2021.  The agenda is available on the Bank’s website here.

Belinda Tracey, Managing Editor

2 thoughts on “Launch of the new Bank of England Agenda for Research

  1. yes the table of contents for this agenda is as expected.
    no mention of policy to reform the BoE mission to improve productivity. Perhaps because this kicked can is within the remit of Government policy?
    Read my note on Blah Blah Consensus to Catastrophe.

  2. What shall not be dared to be researched.
    Those systemic excessive bank exposures that originated big bank system crises, with what were these build up? With assets perceived as safe or with assets perceived as risky?

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