Bank Underground turns 5!

John Lewis and Belinda Tracey

Today marks the fifth anniversary of Bank Underground! On 19 June 2015 we launched with our maiden pair of posts on how driverless cars might shake up the insurance industry and optimal monetary policy in the presence of an effective lower bound.

Quite a lot has happened since then in the world of economics and beyond. And over that time we’ve carried almost 400 posts on a huge variety of topics.

Thanks to all our readers for your continued interest in the blog, and for your comments, online discussions and other interactions with our posts.

Here’s the top ten most read posts over the past five years:

  1. Venetians, Volcker and Value-at-Risk: 8 centuries of bond market reversals, January 2017
  2. The seven deadly paradoxes of cryptocurrency, November 2018
  3. Is the economy suffering from the crisis of attention?, November 2017
  4. Global real interest rates since 1311: Renaissance roots and rapid reversals, November 2017
  5. Central bank digital currency: the end of monetary policy as we know it?, July 2016
  6. Robot Macroeconomics: What can theory and several centuries of economic history teach us?, September 2016
  7. Less is more: what does mindfulness mean for economics?, April 2016
  8. Should economists be more concerned about Artificial Intelligence?, March 2017
  9. The ownership of central banks, October 2019
  10. Handel and the Bank of England, November 2019

It’s been great running the blog and we hope you enjoy the next five years of Bank Underground even more than the first!

Belinda Tracey (current managing editor) and John Lewis (previous managing editor)

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY – Over the years some very good articles and always informative.

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