Our top 5 posts of 2020

Belinda Tracey

As another year draws to an end and the blog prepares for some downtime over the festive period, we wanted to take a look back at the blog in 2020.

We published posts on a wide range of topics including the impact of monetary policy on birth rates and on happiness, how speculative buying can drive cryptocurrency prices down, and of course the economic consequences of Covid-19 featured prominently. But house prices and robots were the most popular topics on the blog in 2020. In case you missed any of them the first time round, the five most viewed posts for the year were:

  1. There’s more to house prices than interest rates
  2. First-time buyers: how do they finance their purchases and what’s changed?
  3. What’s been driving long-run house price growth in the UK?
  4. Wir sind die Roboter: can we predict financial crises?
  5. The myth of full automation: the roboadvice case

We hope you enjoyed the blog in 2020. Happy New Year and we look forward to you reading our posts in 2021!

Belinda Tracey, Managing Editor.

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